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VEVOR Intravenous Practice Arm Kit Made of PVC Latex Material Phlebotomy Arm with Infusion Stand Practice Arm for Phlebotomy with a Storage Handbag IV Practice Arm Kit for Venipuncture Practice
  • Premium Material Real Touch: The iv arm is made of imported PVC and latex materials, ensure this iv practice kit to be real touch and flame-retarded. And the kit comes with a metal infusion stand which can be adjusted from 30-50 cm/11.81"-19.69" in height.
  • Phlebotomy IV Skills Training: This high simulation phlebotomy practice kit was designed according to the real human arm,the two venous vascular system distributed on the arm is perfect to perform puncture training functions, such as intravenous injection, infusion (blood), and blood draw.
  • Durable Reseal Arm: Our iv practice arm's skin automatically reseals after each needle stick, which allows for hundreds of repeated punctures in the same site without any vein rupture or leakage. With replaceable vessels and skin, it's made for durable and economical use.PS.To prevent any leakage,when you put in the exercise arm at first time,please release both 2 clips on arm tube,and it would be better to fill water in at your first try.
  • Complete & Portable: This intravenous practice kit contains everything you need to perfect your venipuncture skills, including the IV tube, fluid bottle, butterfly needle, syringe, fake blood pack, tourniquet, etc., all packed in a portable handbag, easy to store and carry.(If any question about parts,welcome to contact us with no hesitate,we will response and help you fastest.)
  • Wide Application: Widely applied in laboratories, hospitals,schools, and social training institutes for educational purposes, the phlebotomy practice kit is ideal for students and interns to practice and perfect their blood draw, puncture, and IV skills before treating real people.
WELLiSH IV Practice Arm Infusion Model, Venipuncture Training Model Phlebotomy Practice Kit Injection Blood Drawing Model
  • ▶【Durable Use】-The outer surface of the skin is made from a real person model, and the overall product operation feels real. The venous blood vessels and skin of the same puncture site can withstand hundreds of repeated punctures without leakage, which is durable and saves economic costs.
  • ▶【2 Vasculatures】-The 2 main venous vascular systems distributed on the arm can perform puncture training functions such as intravenous injection, infusion (blood), and blood drawing. There is a clear sense of falling when entering the needle, and the correct puncture has blood return, and the overall operation is realistic.
  • ▶【Quality Material】-Different parts are made of different quality materials. The muscles is made of plastic materials, the skin and veins are made of quality latex materials. Durable and long lasting.
  • ▶【Wide Application】-Widely used in social training institutions, clinics, hospitals, medical colleges, School of Nursing & Midwifery, health schools, training.
  • ▶【Prefect Phlebotomy Gifts】-- Know someone who needs a practice in bloodletting technique? This is the perfect gift for nurses and medical students. Nobody wants to get a book for their birthday, so why not get the best phlebotomy gift?
Phlebotomy Practice Kit, IV Practice Arm Venipuncture Practice Kit Phlebotomy Practice Arm
  • ▶【Quality Material】-The practice arm is made of sterile, pollution-free and corrosion-resistant medical grade materials.
  • ▶【Durable Use】-The skin and vessels of the IV practice arm can automatically resealed after each needle insertion, which is durable and saves economic costs.
  • ▶【Multifunctional】-The IV practice kit can perform training functions such as intravenous injection, infusion, and blood sampling.
  • ▶【Parts Detachable】-The venous blood vessels and skin can be replaced
  • ▶【Wide Application】-Suitable for medical students, interns, and nurses to practice and master the required professional treatment experience.
SimCoach Intravenous Practice Arm, Phlebotomy Practice Kit, IV Venipuncture Training Arm for Injection and Infusion, Medical EducationTraining Model
  • High Realism. - This IV practice arm with veins is moulded by real left arm of human being. Details in Metacarpal, dorsal, cubital fossa, fingers are well replicated. The grain of palm, DIP, PIP are visible. This phlebotomy practice kit brings more details to simulate more realistic scenario for IV training practitioner.
  • Vein Anatomically Correct. - This phlebotomy practice arm use NEW design to replicate a correct location & direction of 2 main veins on arm, BASILIC & CEPHALIC vein. The simulated Dorsal vein & MCV are clear & able to be palpated, could be applied for most of intravenous access like Adult Venipuncture practice, IV phlebotomy practice, IV injection practice, blood draw practice, IV insertion practice, IV indwelling catheter practice...
  • Flashback in IV. – Our blood draw practice kit provides a series of necessary stand & reservoirs to simulate enough intravenous pressure to produce IV flashback. The flashback signal is the most important factor for a successful IV insertion practice, IV injection practice, IV phlebotomy practice, IV indwelling catheter access practice.
  • IV Palpation Skill Demonstration & Training. - Palpation is used to assess the depth, width, direction and health (resilience) of a vein. Different from other intravenous arm, we redesign the placement of the simulated vein to increase the feeling of palpation. The simulated vein material is also upgraded based on the comment from students, doctors, nursing course practitioners.
  • Upgraded Realistic Skin - We upgrade the workmanship of making the iv training arm by expert advice. The upgraded skin is made by 100% platinum silicone that reach to the medical & food standard, it’s soft & close to human being skin. The venipuncture practice arm is helpful for pre-med students, nurse course students, hospital training participants to practice & demonstrate IV palpation, IV injection & IV phlebotomy procedures.
Phlebotomy Practice Kit | IV, Venipuncture, Phlebotomy Practice Arm | Perfect Phlebotomy Gifts For Medical Student and Nurse Student | Complete Phlebotomy Equipment and Supplies | EDUCATIONAL USE ONLY
  • CONTINUOUS PRACTICE: Put down your friends arm, it's time to practice on a life-size realistic simulation, built with innovative veins that create a "give-feel" on entrance for the most realistic experience possible, while also being able to withstand between 1000-2000 sessions! Not intended for use on humans.
  • HD VIDEO TUTORIAL: Forget a venepuncture book, we've gone the extra mile and included step-by-step HD video tutorials, breaking down phlebotomy/venepuncture practice procedures.
  • ANATOMICALLY CORRECT: Our arm is anatomically correct, correctly representing Metacarpal Veins across the hand, along with Median Cubital and Cephalic veins along the arm. Allowing you to master phlebotomy practice using the most realistic simulation on the market.
  • GAIN CONFIDENCE: There's nothing worse for a patient than someone who isn't confident in taking blood, our phlebotomy practice kit is the perfect training model to gain confidence on, before dealing with real patients, as when you're confident, it shows!
  • PERFECT PHLEBOTOMY GIFTS: Know somebody who is in need of some phlebotomy practice? This is the perfect gift for nurse and medical students. Nobody wants to receive a book for their birthday, so why not get them the best phlebotomy gift out there!
MedEduQuest Intravenous Practice Arm Kit for Nursing Student,Phlebotomy Practice Kit Latex-Free with Portable Case(Education Use Only)
  • Realistic Simulation Experience: Our injection practice simulation hand provides an incredibly realistic experience with its soft and lifelike skin texture, intricate details, and accurate structure. Practicing with this simulation hand will make you feel as if you are in a real injection scenario, enhancing your skills to perfection.
  • Diverse Practice Options: The kit comes equipped with a comprehensive set of accessories to meet all your injection training needs. We offer a complete range of tools for various injection techniques. Whether it's vein puncture, dosage control, or blood collection skills, this product caters to all your learning requirements.
  • Portable and Convenient: To facilitate your learning and practice, we have included a sturdy and portable handbag. This bag not only safeguards the accessories but also makes it easy for you to carry and store them. Whether you are in a laboratory, medical facility, or learning at home, you can conveniently train your injection skills anytime, anywhere.
  • Education and Professional Training: Our injection practice simulation hand kit caters not only to medical students and nurses but also to healthcare professionals seeking continuous education and skill improvement. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced medical practitioner, we believe this kit will positively impact your professional development.
  • Safety Advisory: A critical note to remember is that all accessories are strictly for practice purposes on the injection simulation hand only. Please adhere to the correct usage guidelines and use the product solely for professional practice and learning. The accessible tubing and the skin of the injection hand do not contain latex components. However, please use caution as the internally embedded veins in the injection hand are made of latex tubing.
Elbow-Wedge Arm Stabilizer, 5" High Keeps Arms Comfortable for Phlebotomy and/or Hand Exercise Use
  • contours to the patients arm, stabilizing the arm for starting I.V’s and for drawing patient’s blood
  • has protective vinyl layer that wipes clean and won’t absorb fluids
  • keeps the elbow straight and elevated during blood draws preventing flattened veins
  • 13 inches long, 6 inches wide and 5 inches high
  • easy to clean and disinfect. Does not stain